Boquan’s Bitcoin as a Service (BaaS) platform provides powerful blockchain services to developers and enterprises. It lets our partners easily inspect and verify data using the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Coinless Blockchain
Multiple Data-on-chain Services
Flexible Threshold Authorization
Data Privacy Protection And Encryption
Smart Contract Management
Identity Certificate Verification
Coinless Blockchain

The data service costs of transactions are borne by the BaaS platform. Developers or companies can pay in the fiat currency of their choice. The boquan BaaS platform will issue formal VAT invoices for the services provided.

In addition, users can still write and control access to their data using their own personal private key.

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SatoPlay is the first major BSV mobile games platform in China.

Powered by BSV’s high capacity ledger, all users’ game records on SatoPlay are recorded tamper-proof on the blockchain.
SatoPlay has become one of the most popular BSV apps by being featured in the ‘DotWallet App Center’ (one of Boquan Network’s core products). SatoPlay has attracted a large volume of users and leverages BSV’s unique micro-payment capabilities.

Practical Use Cases
BaaS can be used to prove that certain data existed at a certain point of time. The data can be signed by a certain private key and saved on chain, offering strong evidence in cases of dispute.
IOT device data collection validation
Judicial evidence validation
Personal behavior data validation